The competition will begin with registration on Friday, August 1 from 7pm- 9pm. All contestants must be in their camp by 9pm or forfeit their place. Once registered the player begins immediately. They will only have access to their belongings once they have finished the game.
Competition will include luxury and immunity challenges as well as tribal councils in a 3 hour rotation staring with the first challenge Friday night and lasting until the final tribal council Monday early afternoon.
There are only 20 contestant spaces. Once they have been filled you may put your name on a waiting list but there are no guarantees.
Every contestant will receive a prize. The top prize will be 10% of the combined entry fees. Subsequent prizes will be chosen by the contestant when they are voted out of the game.
The entry fee for CCP SURVIVOR 2014 is $150.  In light of the fact that this is a fundraiser we are encouraging participants to collect pledges (a pledge sheet will be sne to you upon registration).  As added incentive the participant arriving with the highest amount pledged will receive an advantage in the game.  Any participant who collects a minimum of $100 in pledges will be allowed to bring a second luxury item into the game.  Please note that pledges can be a flat rate or people can sponsor you per round that you are in the game.  We will be setting up social media, Twitter and Facebook page that will keep your sponsors updated on your progress.  All pledges must be collected and submitted by August 31st 2014.
Please read and understand the following rules prior to registration:
1. Due to the fact that you will receiving food and prizes in exchange for the fee there is not a donation reciept provided. No refunds. If you cannot make the weekend you will be issued a tax donation reciept instead.   Any pledges over $10 will receive a tax receipt.
2. Please bring camping gear (tents, sleeping bag, pillow, etc) for once you are eliminated.
3. Food will be provided. During the game this will include survivor staples like rice and beans. After elimination, a more complete menu will be served.  Any food allergies or sensitivities please inform the crew.
4. There is an outdoor bathroom to be used.
5. Please bring your own beverages (both alcoholic and otherwise) for after elimination.
6. Car pooling is encouraged and will be arranged after the closing of registration ( Friday July 18th)
7. While playing the game entering into “Production Areas” (e.g., inside the cottages, or cars) without expressed permission from the Gamemakers will result in game expulsion.
8. You are expected to abide by both Canadian and local laws.
9. You are to bring into camp the following: one set of clothing for warm and cold weather as well as water attire (bathing suit, water shoes). Additional to these you will be provided with: a souvenir blanket and a tribal buff,
10. Contestants must fill out a medical form and bring health card to the event.
11. Stealing personal items from others contestants is strictly prohibited. This includes personal clothing and luxury items. The hidden immunity idol is considered an personal item, thus cannot be stolen from its host.
12. Participants are to participate in challenges which can be physical or mental. Contestants are expected at the challenge sites at all times even contestants that are not participating in the challenge.

In order to secure your spot a $50 deposit must be made when you call to sign up.